What is ‘Enterprise Data Access Management’ & Why Is It Important?

As technology continues to evolve and data access needed for different stakeholders across the company are multiplying, the need to provide a safe and secure place to store all the information and access them has become prevalent for organizations of all sizes. 

While the access has to be provided to the stakeholders for business continuity, sensitive business data needs to be protected by organizations at the same time. To effectively arrange and manage them, organizations must, therefore, implement a system that not only offers controlled access to designated owners & stakeholders, but also secures all other resources like documents, applications, emails, etc. across different devices in use like company laptops, personal phones, personal laptops, etc.

That’s where an ‘Enterprise Data Access Management’ comes into play. It is a sophisticated system that provides a layer of control for asset owners through a data management functionality to authenticate and authorize access to every business asset.

(Here’s how a modern data access control system looks like)

Some of the KPI’s of a good data access management tool is data security, password management, identity control and single sign-on functions. Together, these functionalities along with a single cohesive platform sums up to a sophisticated data architecture that can be controlled and protected. 

Especially during the post COVID-19 phase where more than 90% of the workforce are working from their home, it has become a quintessential necessity for organizations to upgrade the security systems and provide controlled access to their data. 

Reasons why data access control management is important for organizations

  • Provides a layer of security overall to business assets including documents, files, applications, emails, etc.
  • Enforces protection of business data and assets even on unmanaged devices
  • Integrates single sign-on functionality for all your applications
  • Allows access to business data from any device – Laptop, Desktop, Mobile, etc.
  • Provides Multi-factor based authentication
  • Activates controlled and centralized authorization rules for assets
  • Provides full control and insights to SOC teams and owners

By implementing a reliable data access solution, your organization can find an equilibrium between security, risk reduction, empowerment of your stakeholders (including clients, vendors, management and employees) to use the services and assets they need, whenever they need and from anywhere without having to take many digital risks.

CACHATTO for ‘Enterprise Data Access Management’

CACHATTO is an easy to deploy and cost-effective solution that provides a unified, provisional, virtualized and secure access by delivering the right applications and data to the right user, across devices, at any time and in any location.

The sophisticated architecture and simple delivery system of CACHATTO is proven and implemented by over 1000s of companies across the world.