Strategic Business Contingency Plan In Event
Of An Epidemic Or Emergency

New strain of viruses and outbreak of flu are rampant

Telework is also effective and strategic contingency plan to avoid the risk of infection and spread to others due to presenteeism

Build a telework environment with NinjaConnect Telework,
the secure clientless remote access service

NinjaConnect Telework provides a secure RDP/SSH/VNC access without the need to install
any applications on the end devices

Utilising company-provided or unmanaged PCs for telework

Safely access company system using company-provided/personal devices

Simply use an OTP login for authentication and turn personal device into a secure telework platform

NinjaConnect Telework


Easy Deployment

System can be deployed on existing virtual machine infrastructure or physical hardware


Simple Implementation

No client application is required to be either destination PC or end


Smooth Login Access

Simply login using the set user password or One-Time Password


Safe & Secure

Ensures no browsed data is left on device and cannot be taken out. Use personal devices with a peace of mind


Use in Various Devices

Supports not only Windows PCs, but also Macs, tablets and smartphones


High Performance

Unmatched performance with a fast screen transfer for an efficient user experience

User login using email One-Time Password feature will be available by April 2020


Smartphone/tablet support by May 2020

Supported Devices

Access terminals*2


Destination Terminals

Windows/Mac/Nix systems

Telework Free Trial Campaign

Contact and send application for 2-week free trial for 5 users now!