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Private Limited

Private Limited

CACHATTO INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED (CIPL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of e-Jan Networks Co. Japan, was established in 2017 in Bengaluru to market e-Jan’s innovative enterprise security platform CACHATTO.


e-Jan Networks Co. is an ISO 27001/ ISMS certified company, which launched CACHATTO in 2003. From inception, e-Jan Networks has focused on evolving CACHATTO to meet the stringent and evolving requirements of top Japanese enterprise clients across different industry verticals such as manufacturing, banking, insurance, retail, construction, and pharma. Today, CACHATTO is a market leader in Japan with over 1000 top corporates as its clients (#1 for the last 7 years) and has expanded to cover other Asian markets. e-Jan has wholly subsidiary companies in Singapore & India as well as an extensive Reseller Partner network in Japan, ASEAN region and the UK.

Message from CEO

Shiro Sakamoto, e-Jan Networks Co, CEO

e-Jan Networks aims to get customers constantly saying ‘e-Jan!’ It is important that we look from the customers’ point of view, and that our customers are satisfied with and continue to favor our products. ‘e-Jan!’ is Japanese for ‘That’s cool!’ or ‘I like it!’ This is the key phrase that expresses our vision.

In order to achieve this, we put a priority on members’ high level of moral, enthusiasm, and interpersonal respect at work. These will lead to a positive working environment where members appreciate each others’ contributions, which effectively reaches out to our customers. This dynamic enables us to create a product that continues to gain ‘e-Jan!’

We also place importance on diversity; members from different countries, races, ages, and sexes, are continuously working hard together by concentrating their wisdom, in a proactive, enthusiastic, rational, creative, and flexible way. Diversity enables our products to constantly be creative and valuable in this quickly-changing IT business world.

Thanks to our customers, CACHATTO has evolved into the product that it is now. Through CACHATTO, our goal is to gain, on a global scale, ‘e-Jan!’ We strongly believe this coagulated energy of enthusiasm will lead us to a next-generation ideal organization that can contribute globally.

Core Values

Our culture and values across all our global associations remain the same. At CACHATTO, we believe in working together with integrity and build a better and more secure future for all.

Mission Statement

Being an innovative enterprise data solution, our mission is to provide the world’s most secure digital workspace to our clients and empower their workforce environment to solve key business challenges without compromising on user agility or corporate manageability.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to get our customers to say “e-Jan” which in Japanese translates to "That's cool!" or "I like it!" Customer satisfaction is the top priority at CACHATTO and therefore, all our products are made keeping our customers at the very center of the process.


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