CACHATTO: Data protection

Everyday, enourmous amount of personal data are being collected by numerous organisations – whether they are client data, personel data, or data of other individuals. In today’s time, cybercrime, information leakages and misuse of personal data is on a rise, and is rapidly growing. It is essential, espcially at this time, to have a managed collection, use and disclosure of data, in order to keep personal data safe.

In regard to this, Singapore has enacted data protection standards that minimises, if not irradicates data breaches, and establishes accountability to organizations and entities involved. Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) was established in 2012 and is currently under-going various amendments to enforce strict compliance to private organisations. As a summary, PDPA was established to ensure organisations to take care personal data under their possession or in their control.

The Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) understands that there is no ‘one size fits all‘ approach for organisations. Nevertheless, there are certain practices which the ICT (Information & Communications Technology) recommends to implement – here are a few examples:

Managing access
● Security policies, standard and procedure
● Authentications

Security network
● Implementation of fire-wall, anti-viruses and anti-malware
● Access control

Proctecting against data leakages
● Authority-based access
● Data and file encryptions

Securing end-devices
● Dispose or erase of data in-case of theft or loss
● Regular asset inventory (check used devices, ensure software update)

CACHATTO, the Secure Unified Digital Workspace™ platform provides secure access to on-prem or cloud-based enterprise resources to the right users, anytime, any where, using a any device. CACHATTO supports organisations with secure digital workspace infrastructure, and strive to actualise workspace security, in which helps companies comply with PDPA.

Prevents data leakages
– No data stored on devices
– Data cannot be copied, transferred or saved outside of the secured environment
– No browsed information remains (cache cleared after each session)

Reduce risk of attack
– No direct access to corporate network, elimination security risks
– Only uses outbound HTTPS connection
– no inbound ports

High security, less management
– Does not require installation of monitoring or management tools (MDM, etc)
– Remote wipe unnecessary since no data is stored on device
– Has several security policies and multifactor authentication
– Has Access log function
– Has authority-based access capabilities
– No VPN or changes to the firewall settings necessary

Flexibility to end-point users
– Device agnostic
– BYOD possible
– Offline capabilities (available in CACHATTO Desktop)

Find out more about CACHATTO and its other features by visiting CACHATTO website or contact us (E-Jan Intl. or CIPL) about what CACHATTO can do for your business.