In today’s business, employees are increasingly using personally-owned computers, tablets and mobile devices for work. Moreover, business resources are being shared between company and their partners; providing access to confidential corporate data using managed and unmanged devices. In adopting into this new infrastucture, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) provides serveral key benefits:

BYOD key benefits:

  • Reduce the complexity and expense by unifying mobility and identity management, and ease of cloud service deploymnent
  • Enhance productivity by providing necessary resources across all devices
  • Empower end users to have access to authorised apps and accounts without having to rely on costly helpdesk support

With these benefits comes an increased information security risk, as BYOD can lead to data breaches and increased liability for the organization. IT would need to support BYOD initiatives, and security and user adoption depends on the separation of corporate resources or data from personal ones.

CACHATTO, the Secure Unified Digital Workspace platform provides security and individualised access solution for enterprise.

CACHATTO features for BYOD:

  • Corporate on-prem or cloud-based resources can easily be deployed to users using any device, from smartphones, tablets, desktops or laptops without a need for VPN
  • Equipped with multi-factor authentication, and Single sign-on capabilities, CACHATTO enables a secure access for authorised users
  • CACHATTO provides Data Leak Prevention (DLP) through isolation, making sure that corporate and personal data completely isolated on end devices
  • Having Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) structure as it’s core, administrators are able to create individualised resources access for each user account. Meaning, each authorised user can have access to specific resources based on their authorisation; what you cant see, you cant attack

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