CACHATTO: Endpoint security

In this day of age, security perimeters are shifting undefineably, and a traditional security solution no longer adequate in preventing certain security issues such as intentional or unintentional data leaks. Endpoint security is about securing the corporate network when accessed via remote or end-user devices on a network. It prevent issues such as data leaks from occurring through the copying or transfering of data.

End user privacy and enterprise data security co-exist with segregation of data and access in CACHATTO. CACHATTO, Secure Unified Digital Workspace™, provides a safe environment when accessing corporate on-premise and cloud-based data with built-in end-point data security. CACHATTO focuses on keeping corporate data secure while providing an easy to deploy platform solution for users and administrators, with a secure container approach on endpoint to ensure corporate data is kept isolated and secured. Users are able to access necessary resources using any device, from smartphones, tablets, desktops, or laptops without requiring any special adaptations.