Looking for Secure Remote Access but VPN vulnerabilities worrying you?

As the world becomes more connected every day, the cybersecurity surrounding remote access has never been more crucial. That’s why VPNs have been such a popular platform of remote client-server connections for the past 25+ years! While VPNs have been providing secure access to your organization’s servers and content from anywhere, this article talks about alternative ways you can access servers remotely without worrying about security vulnerabilities with a clientless secured remote access gateway.

With the recent news of VPN vulnerabilities, we’re all left wondering what’s next? 

A variety of VPN vulnerabilities have arisen over recent years, all with the potential to put you at risk. Let’s find out why is VPN vulnerable to attacks?

  • When you use a VPN provider, it stores your data logs. Hence, all your activities on the web can be tracked easily. Therefore, using VPN, you have no control over your data which completely fails your privacy policies
  • There’s nothing free in the world; everything has a price. VPNs proclaiming to be free also need to earn. They do so by selling your data to third parties. A recent study showed 72% of free VPNs embed third-party trackers in their solution
  • Your location affects your VPN security. If your VPN is in a country with data retention laws, your data is stored secretly. In such a case, the VPN’s policy doesn’t matter. Your data can be vulnerable to thefts Most malware infiltrates computers by seeking out networking ports typically used by legacy machines and then communicating with a server to install malicious files that can steal data from your applications and gain complete control over your system.

It’s time to move on from VPNs and experience the benefits that a clientless secure remote access offers.

There are a lot of benefits to secure remote access. The most popular feature is the ability for organizations to keep sensitive data confidential

and encrypted. You also have flexible, reliable access to all your data, applications, and systems, no matter where you are. That means that enterprises aren’t slowed down by complicated VPN configurations or slowdowns in service because there are no servers to maintain.

The Remote workplace: a scalable and cost-effective alternative to traditional VPNs

You may be looking into a remote access option to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. It’s vital to research all of the options available, including one many people don’t know about, the NinjaConnect Telework. The clientless solution with built-in DLP and SSO can efficiently serve as a complete alternative to a traditional VPN.
Utilizing this solution makes it easy for everyone to securely connect from their home, office, or other location. Until recently, there has been a clear divide between those that use VPN and those who do not. Though VPN is for sensitive on-site work, remote access, and web browsing, some recent events made people realize that it is best to lock their systems down on both fronts. VPN vulnerabilities can be eliminated with a clientless solution to secure remote access without worry.

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