Do you have a secured unified workspace with high level of security to meet the demands of today’s Hybrid Workspace?

Two years back, could we ever anticipate that there will be a time in our life when we will be sipping on our favourite coffee while we binge on a delicious breakfast without thinking of rushing to work? Did we ever imagine soaking up the energy of the fresh and serene mornings as we get ready to start the day at work? The hassles of traffic and the tiring commute are not part of our everyday routine anymore.

While we all agree on the pandemic’s cruelty of imposing isolation upon us, can we also agree that it has given us the resilience and liberty, which further enhanced our life quotients with the help of technology? Today, we have the flexibility to work remotely from anywhere, anytime.

However, this freedom didn’t come without challenges. Do you remember the first time Covid-19 had inflicted the world with its first variant ‘alpha’ and how our lives across all borders crumbled down to a helpless and uncertain state? The first lockdown made us realize that the show always goes on.

In India, 81% of people spend approximately 90 minutes on one-way travel to the office. A survey of 720 respondents across India state that 54% of employees prefer remote working and, 56% of them find their productivity has increased while working from home. Therefore, remote working from the comfort of their home helps them save time, deliver quality work, and boost efficiency.

Remote working, or more recently the concept of Hybrid working, is a win-win for both organizations and the people.

All the covid variants, from alpha to omicron, surfacing time and again, have overwhelmed us, but we have managed to explore and adapt to the changing workspaces. 

Many organizations have embraced the new workspace concepts and helped their employees implement a hybrid working style. At the onset of the pandemic-both organizations and employees faced challenges such as misalignment between the office and remote workers, lack of collaboration, abstruse virtual interactions leading to disturbed team spirit, disrupted workflows, and most often, security breaches. However, these challenges were quickly addressed with secured teleworking solutions like VDI, secured unified remote workspaces, DLP, SSO, etc.

We all know these days; remote workers are the low-hanging fruits for cyber attackers. We have read about so many ransomware attacks in 2021 due to the lack of necessary security solutions. Data breaches may change the course of businesses and are just not ignorable. Taking a minor vulnerability lightly and having a blind spot may cost a big deal.

So, what is the initial ideal step for businesses to have the basic security to protect business applications and data?

Well, how about implementing a secured unified workspace that provides a high level of security-while accessing business applications and a secure remote access path. A flexible, cost-effective solution with real-time access to the office systems regardless of the time and place.

Here are some pointers to help you pick the right secured teleworking solution.

  • Must be a comprehensive solution covering both on-premises as well as multi-cloud applications
  • Has strong multi-factor authentication with built-in DLP and unified single-sign-on
  • Is hassle-free and provides secure remote access without complex VPN connection
  • Saves and allows to edit documents offline
  • Provides you centralized dashboard control
  • Is built-on Zero Trust principle

There are many products in the market today but, the right solution can easily be found. All you need to do is look out of the box.

Be smart, be safe.

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