6 Reasons Why Data Access Control Is Important In Information Security

Access control systems are an integral part of Information security and plays a vital role in data security for businesses. It helps IT Admins and Security teams to limit or restrict access to sensitive business data and eliminate the potential risks associated with data exposure. With rising demand and necessity for data access systems especially after COVID-19 pandemic, companies of all sizes operating in different industries now are looking for options to control their data flow and security.

In this post, we are hashing out the importance of the data access control for businesses and how they can help businesses improve the overall security posture.

1. Secured Multi-factor Authentication

With an access control system in place, companies can easily integrate multi-factor authentication for sensitive business data to ensure better security. Different access management system offers different types of extra authentication like 2FA or OTP that helps in controlling access to business data to only intended personnel.

2. Compliance

Companies need to follow certain processes and fulfil them as part of industry-standard compliances, client/customer data security norms and government regulations. Data access control provides a layer of protection and also aligns company policies in accordance to these norms.

3. Eradication Of Weak Passwords

Most of the breaches happen due to weak passwords and the ability for intruders to be able to break the systems. Using data access management systems, security teams are able to enforce users to have multi-layered passwords that provides better security posture.

4. Malicious Activity Tracking & Logging

With data access control systems in place, admins and IT teams can easily track and log malicious activities and eliminate them before threat happens. With advanced setup and orchestration systems, security teams can also automate the process of actions.

5. Data Flow Control

With access control systems, businesses have complete control over the data flow. With these systems, admins and IT teams can define the workflow and data access levels which enables them to control the flow of data based on different parameters like user, user level, department, location, perimeter, device, etc.

6. Analytics & Reporting

Almost all data access management systems have detailed analytics & reporting dashboards which provide key insights like the amount of data accessed, user-level information, location information, etc. This helps IT personnel and security teams to improve their security strategy.

With rising demand and current situation, companies today are realizing and becoming aware of the urgent need of a solution for managing security risks and bettering security posture in the long run. With the right data access setup and training, companies can overcome the security risks involved and also be compliant with the regulations and meet industry-standard norms.

Data access management also provides an equilibrium between enterprise security, risk reduction and access limitation to help businesses manage security smarter, provide security teams better insights and eradicate most common threats faced from time to time.

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