Top 5 Cybersecurity Threats To Watch Out In 2021 For Businesses

With over 70% of the employees working from home in 2020, the way companies operate and function has changed, evolved and taken a new turn unseen before. With the need to work from home and demands due to the COVID-19, companies have to be more prepared and updated ever than before about the different aspects of cybersecurity.

With expectations to restart all operations in 2021 again and to meet the evolving security methodologies, companies need to understand how to navigate through the cybersecurity landscape. So here are the top 5 cybersecurity threats that you’ll need to watch out in the year 2021:


1. Cloud Threats to rise like never before

Cloud adoption has become a part of this lockdown for most of the companies. Although many companies had already migrated to cloud before, after COVID-19 most of the companies who were not yet migrated have also gotten on board to support business continuity. Although beneficial for companies, rapid cloud migration opens opportunities for more security risks and threats.

In 2021 it is expected that cloud-based security threats, including misconfigured cloud storage, reduced visibility and control, incomplete data deletion, and vulnerable cloud-apps will continue to disrupt businesses.

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2. End-Point Management as a part of security strategy

Most companies are offering work from home option to employees which enables them to be connected from their networks to access business/company assets. This not only makes the overall security posture weak but also opens a lot of doors for security breaches, malware and attacks.

In 2021 due to continued work from home operations and exposure to security threats, it becomes imperative for most organizations to employ and activate a strategic end-point security plan to protect their data and business assets.

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3. Risk Management to be a part of IT security

In 2020, almost all businesses encountered rapid shift and uncertainty in the operations from where employees used to work, how they worked to how businesses function. This sudden changes have brought new norms to operations and introduced new ways of functioning. For example, zoom meetings or video conferencing has become a common trait today. These changes have opened up new security risks and threats which need to be addressed.

Risk management will become an absolute necessity in 2021 for businesses to be prepared for the worse. With most businesses already focusing on reworking on their security strategy to meet the demands during COVID-19, risk management will also be included.

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4. Data Privacy will become a new discipline

Data is the biggest asset of any business in today’s age. Protecting it is also a prime concern for businesses. With work from home and remote working options enabled in most businesses today, work culture has changed and taken a turn to meet the demands of the situation.

In 2021, data security and protection will become a part of the compliance. Businesses will be more aligned towards not only protecting their data but will also enforce it as a part of KPI for employees and other stakeholders.


5. Access Based Operations will be the new normal

Since lockdown, the way employees work and function has evolved. While access to business data and assets was essential for business continuity, it posed a serious security threat to organizations since it was being accessed by multiple devices, locations, personnel, etc. This has become a huge concern for companies of all sizes across the world.

With over 60% of the companies continuing to work from home in 2021, access based operations will become a key player in managing and protecting business data and digital assets.

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With most businesses operating in unconventional ways, a tight security system is not just an option anymore, it is a must. Identifying critical attack and breach areas, anticipating possible breach scenarios can help you in tightening your security posture. Check out these articles to learn how you can tighten your security and protect your business data: No one exactly knows what the future holds for the cybersecurity arena, especially after the recent developments due to the COVID-19. These trends provide an overview on what to expect and how to be prepared for what might come on our way.

Be prepared, be protected and stay safe!