The Intelligent Way Of Securing Your Business Data & Digital Assets

Most companies think data & applications are secure on their servers, devices and firewalls, but still face breaches and data loss due to a number of simple and complex reasons. This gas become common even for the biggest and popular ones where at some point they have become a victim or faced threats of data breach and loss.

For example, a simple case of an employee not securing his/her password or leaving his/her mobile device with sensitive information where someone without authorization can gain access becomes a serious threat for the organizations.

While we understand that the business-critical applications and their data are the main IT assets of any organization today, we neglect or miss out on taking the necessary steps to secure them.

So every business today irrespective of the size, location or the industry should re-evaluate their security strategy to avoid undesired consequences due to weak spots left unattended. This article covers some of the steps you can take to secure business data and digital assets.


1. Educate Your Workforce

Most of the times, the data breaches occur due to lack of being informed. While employees have access to sensitive data and information, they are not aware of the consequences at cases of breach or importance of keeping them safe and protected.

It is the job of any organization to keep its employees informed and educated on how the business data has to be protected. Doing this will not only help employees understand safety and security but also helps the organization to make security one layer stronger.


2. Insititute A Security Policy Within The Organization

Security measures are sometimes not taught, but enforced. The same way how organizations have policies in the workplace, they should also have outlined policies that define why and how the data needs to be kept secure.

Defining the security policy should revolve around how the business data, information and applications are accessed, protected and kept protected within the organization and outside of it.


3. Employ A Reliable Data Access Management Software

Data access management platforms are saviours for many organizations where the stakeholders are many. Sharing, protecting and tracking data access/usage manually is next to impossible when there are multiple touchpoints like users, locations, files, applications, emails, etc.

Using a software like CACHATTO will help organizations in organizing, planning, controlling access and also tracking the distributed data. These platforms act provides a single pane of glass view across multiple sources, applications, etc.


4. Protect All Your Assets (Including Docs, Apps, Email, etc)

When it comes to business data, everything is important. Secure all your private and restricted organizational data irrespective of their file size, format, nature or author. This can be done by adding a simple layer of authentication like password, MFA, etc.

In addition to the management of data, software like CACHATTO also offers inbuilt feature like Password protection, Multi-Factor Authentication, Remote Access, etc. that’ll help in securing any kind of data or application.


5. Review Your Assets & Applications Regularly

While protecting data is one part of the regular SOPs for any organization, the other part is making sure that the data is actually secure. Every organization needs to monitor the distribution, usage and pattern of usage across the data assets of the company.

Usually, data access management platforms also feature the Usage Stats and Analytics for organizations to seamlessly track and helps in better their security strategy. 


Final Thoughts:

In today’s world where the data breaches and losses are increasing day by day, it has become vital for organizations to be equipped with the right tools to cope any threat that comes in its way. Being prepared and planning ahead for these unexpected consequences can help an organization from huge losses.If you would like to learn how CACHATTO can help your organization secure data access and provide better control over them, schedule a 1:1 demo with our security expert today!