Improved operational efficiency gained from Workstyle Reforms

JDC Corporation was established in 1951 for the purpose of mechanizing civil engineering projects for the reconstruction and development of land in postwar Japan. Afterward, by continuing to further innovation alongside Japan’s high economic growth, it has grown to be the current general construction company. Today, while JDC provides a wide range of construction services from large-scale development, such as transportation and ports and harbors, including reinforcement of the Hamana Bridge, to constructions of leisure facilities and apartments, such as Pressance Legend Sakaisuji-honmachi, they are also committed to reconstruction efforts after the Great East Japan Earthquake as a contribution to reconstruction, the origin of the company. They also focus on developing technology to reduce environmental burdens based on their management philosophy of contributing to a prosperous society. JDC is actively committed to workstyle reforms for employees to be able to secure time to engage in business to create new value. We asked JDC about their objectives, background, and engagement in such reforms.