Benefits of device security testing function on CACHATTO Desktop V3.0.2

Remote-access and telework systems are becoming more and more necessary for modern companies. Working from outside the office has become easier than ever but providing the devices and tools to achieve this can be costly.

To meet this need, many companies adopt BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) as a solution for its convenience and low cost. At the same time, security becomes an issue: if a user uses their personal PC, the company cannot guarantee that the user has installed all the necessary security software and updates. It is possible for files to be corrupted or infected, and leaving it unchecked can cause large-scale problems for the company later down the road.

CACHATTO Desktop V3.0.2’s device security testing function resolves this problem. The device security testing function runs a security check on the device to make sure that the relevant security software is installed and up to date before accessing company systems. This ensures an airtight security environment within the computer on top of the no-data-left-on-device structure maintained by CACHATTO and CACHATTO Desktop.

CACHATTO aims to continually provide means for companies to have an efficient, secure workstyle.